Tupac Inspired Bandana Style-2Pac bandana fold

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In this video I give a demonstration on how fold your bandana! Inspired by Tupac. This video also has a sprinkle of social justice at the end. Hope you enjoy this. Many bandanna folding styles are tied to various cultures and have become popular staples of the music and film industries. Pick up tips for folding a bandanna. On this video, i create a 2pac bandana style, watch it for tutorial.

Knowing how to tie a bandanna is an essential part of living the hip-hop lifestyle and a good way to add style and flash to urban attire. Tie a bandanna like any of.

Que Onda Raza’ If Yall Don’t Know How To Fold A Sur Side 13 Bandana’ Pos I Made This Video For Yall’ To The 113% South Siders’ I Know The Video AINT. Hi Friends! Is it your first festival style season? Are you wondering “what to wear to Coachella?!” No worries I got you covered in this mens festival style meets.

There are many other ways of tying bandanas. If you’d like to see another way, let me know Hey ! this is a tutorial of how to fold & put on a bandana in sort of a “Tupac” but cute style! Hope You enjoy ! My tutorial on a high bun i have in this video. Making bandannas into skull caps is a simple matter of folding the bandanna corner to corner and wrapping it around the head with a tight knot. Wear a trendy. Quick easy 40’s inspired bandana hair style. Good for going out dancing, or just for a casual day =).

How to fold bandannas (bandanas) for that cool biker or urban look. This video will show you how to fold a bandana to wear on the head or as a sweatband.

there aren’t any videos around on how to tie this bandana, so I made a video showing the fellow EST fam how to do so. follow my IG jugglemynuts I watched alot of vids on here bout how to fold your bandana and decided id give it a shot. this idea for two colors just popped into my head so yea. enjoy Tanks for. Watching AND ITS MY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I had a hard time finding a video with this info so I hope this helps someone. Message me if more help is needed or if you have any tips How to fold a bandana.

How to tie Jack Sparrow’s bandana tupac charges reporters November’s winner is “2Pac in LA”. This month’s painting is dedicated to Tupac Amaru Shakur who has contributed to Rap Music, Black Film and the infamous. In this video, a teenager that wants to be a blood member meets Crips at prison A MUST WATCH VIDEO!!! The boys were at the house having a rap battle when my nephew decided to tie a bandana on his head like 2pac and he went in.