1,000,000 Subscribers Under The Mask-Mrcreepypasta face reveal

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Wow guys! 3 years. 3 WHOLE years! This is such a big thing to me, and when you watch this video, you’ll see why! Thank you so much for sticking with me.

San Japan 2015 San Antonio Texas.

He comes. 5 GRUESOME HORROR MOVIES THAT WERE BANNED. Mr creepy pasta reveals himself first time in San Japan! 2015 I know some of you guys hate these ‘Truth behind’ videos, but bare with me because starting Monday we’ll had the October special starting! DOWNLOAD MY.

I started this around August 21st and finished it October 29. It took a while and was stressful to make in some areas. Needless to say there are three Easter eggs. So one of my viewers is in hospital this week, and he said he stays sane by listening to my videos. So I’m doing a week special putting out a story a day! This is. I’ve been looking through so many creepypastas, and I have to say. none of them were scary. I feel that the authors are forgetting the original purpose of.

New creepypasta scares with Jeff the Killer on Omegle. Some great Omegle funny moments from this creepypasta omegle prank scare with Jeff the Killer After months and months I’ve finally uploaded my Q and A video, in which I answer the most popular questions you guys asked me. Please LIKE and SHARE this. Welcome to Fazbear’s Fright! Come and see the main attraction, The Real Life Springtrap! Now go and hide before he finds you. MORE COMING SOON. Well. You requested it, after 8 hours of recording, 4-5 hours of editing, 6 computer crashes, and a lot of stress later here it is! PART 2 IS OUT Who knew a harmless Snapchat video could possibly make you aware of some intruders? Or maybe it was something else. All videos and pictures + the original.